Tourism & Master Planning

Points East Coast Drive

Prince Edward Island

The “Kings Byway” route was valid in the 70’s but it no longer serves a product-based touring route. The new 475km route echoes the coastline with several spurs to connect rewarding experiences. Eastern PEI is inundated with a mature coastline of Points of land frame bays and shelter beaches – all 50 of them. The award-winning brand, Points East is both directive and physically descriptive. A simple logo composed of a central rounded starfish, symbolizes the idea of “points” and evokes a sense of comfort, relaxation and a slower pace. Complementary colours, blue and orange, represent the water and red beaches and symbolize the Acadian Flag. The expressive logo on signs have become a popular place for taking selfies along the route. The strategy identifies scenic lookouts a pullover to enjoy the panoramic views set out in eight distinct discovery area.