“Over the years of collaboration, we have found the firm to be imaginative, technically competent, knowledgeable, timely, and fair in pricing.”

-Daniel O’Brien
St. Thomas University

“I have found Dan and his team to be extremely professional to work with.”

-Neil Jacobsen
Saint John Waterfront Development Partnership

“We can not speak highly enough of the firm’s expertise in the consultation and planning elements of our project.”

-Les Parsons

Glenn Group Ltd. is a full service landscape architectural design firm. Our corporate motto, “be sustainable, be efficient, be creative”, is reflected in all that we do. Our staff size allows us to complete large multi-disciplinary projects, and yet we are small enough to maintain a personal touch with our clients.

Tourism Master Planning

Tourism Master PlanningTourism has been the hallmark of the firm’s business from the beginning. Our emphasis has been on forming development strategies that are sustainable, appropriate to the area, customer driven, reflective of the heritage and cultural values and serving as catalyst for economic growth - especially in rural areas.


Sportsfields and Athletic Facilities

Tourism Master PlanningFor the past 25 years the Glenn Group has been well known for its award winning tourism and park projects in Atlantic Canada. What is less known is the degree of specialized sport facility design the firm has undertaken. In 2003, in response to the deplorable state of sports fields across the region and the advent of synthetic turf fields, the firm made a conscious choice to invest in the specialized field of outdoor sports facility design. The Glenn Group has become the “go to” firm for excellence in sports planning. Staff have attended international conferences on sports field construction and consulted with manufacturers, educators, and builders across the continent to sit at the forefront of the industry. Over the past five years the firm has designed, built or redeveloped over 50 sports fields including the construction of synthetic turf fields and running tracks.



Tourism Master PlanningWaterfronts provide our most dynamic landscapes. The primal lure of the water's edge is not only spiritual, but it has been the impetus for numerous urban revitalization initiatives. More and more communities are looking to their abandoned waterfronts as primary development opportunities and as public access spaces which offer a positive and unique image.

Wherever possible we incorporate aspects of the historic and cultural waterfront into the present day scheme. We view authenticity, image, function, public support, feasibility, stabilization, effective management and environmental integrity as the critical elements for a successful waterfront. We use these critical elements in the creation of waterfronts that reflect the heritage, image and future needs of a community.

Our coastal and riparian waterfront work has included biophysical analysis; shoreline retention, stabilization and access; master plans and strategic development plans; conceptual designs; construction drawings; and inspection services.


Park Planning & Playgrounds

Tourism Master PlanningPark planning is the art of balancing the protection of natural landscape and accommodating public use of the resource. It takes great skill, knowledge and vision to artfully achieve this harmony. Our firm has prepared plans for some of the most noted Federal, Provincial and Municipal parks in the region including several campgrounds, golf courses and playgrounds. We have also designed four of the largest universal playgrounds in the region.



Tourism Master PlanningGarden design is one of the most creative of all the arts. To implement the creative vision for public gardens and private estates a strong technical knowledge is required. An understanding of environmental forces, soil science, botany, structural issues, site drainage, circulation design, social and psychological impacts, materials characteristics and a sense of what makes a place feel special is essential. As landscape architects we borrow techniques from the past and use these ideas as inspiration for designs today.


Campuses and Building Sites

Tourism Master PlanningThe quality of site development at learning institutions speaks volumes about the values and priorities placed on student life. For universities and colleges the visual image and comfortable feel to the surroundings contribute greatly in the selection process of an institution by potential students and educators. For elementary and high schools careful attention to site planning leads to safer environments, fluid traffic/bus circulation, sustainable play environments and sports fields, and incorporates the natural resources resulting in a positive and healthy image for the school.

Services range from site selection and master planning to construction phase services including: environmental mitigation and remediation; playground design; sports fields and courts; improvements to parking; bus circulation and drainage; beautification; memorial sites and donor opportunities; amphitheatres; and outdoor classrooms.


Naturalizing & Indigenous Landscapes

Tourism Master PlanningOur firm is committed to the retention of natural landscapes. In addition to supporting wildlife it also fosters local business. Indigenous plants require less care and can be very useful in treating disturbed sites. We have conducted original research on the propagation and use of native species in Atlantic Canada. We employ this knowledge in every project we do.


Urban Design & Streetscapes

Tourism Master PlanningWe have prepared over 100 downtown revitalization plans and streetscape renewal schemes throughout the Maritimes. Major urban developments often include detailed site collaboration with other specialists such as traffic engineers, establishing planning polices, and development guidelines. Urban environments are stressful environments which require a full understanding of product life cycle and maintenance implications. Our firm can provide practical and creative designs for urban environments.


Historical Rehabilitation

Tourism Master PlanningWe believe that all good design is based on elements of the past. Local heritage and culture should inspire design and offer opportunities to bring the stories of the past to life in a meaningful way. Preservation and management of our special places starts with identifying the critical character elements so that they may be effectively treated in planning guidelines and design treatments. Our firm has been fortunate to have been entrusted with many of the most historically significant sites in the region.


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